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October 2015

Jam galore

At Erskine  we have been busy making use of the courgettes which have become too big for their boots! We made Lemon, Ginger & Marrow Marmalade which tastes delicious! We have also made Rhubarb & Ginger Jam and Spicy Apple & Cinnamon Jam. We’ve harvested the last of the beetroot and are making pickle with it.

Three of the veterans, Dougie, George and Jim accompanied staff to Milton Community Garden to attend their official Memorial Garden opening day. We enjoyed a lovely cooked lunch made with garden produce and got to see another garden which was inspiring.

Interview with BBC Kitchen Garden

We have been busy getting ourselves famous as we were on Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Garden programme, making a good impression with Dougie admitting that he doesn’t eat any of the garden produce because he doesn’t like vegetables! Having said that, he had no objection to eating the potato pizza we made with our own potatoes!

On the record at Gardening Leave Erskine for the BBC

We enjoyed a visit from the Virgin Media team who worked like Trojans & painted our fence for us.

We made about £100 from the sale of plants, jams, pickles and small wooden bat boxes etc. over at Hewlett Packard.


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Enjoy #gardening? We need an assistant Horticultural Therapist at our Chelsea site #veterans #mentalhealth Plse RT

About 4 hours ago

Cleaning our Stovehouse out at our Ayr hort.therapy garden. If you've got a greenhouse, best do it now before winter


Work for us! Assistant horticultural therapist GardeningLeave Chelsea working with ArmedForcesVeterans #mentalhealth

About 2 days ago

The best benefit of gardening? Mental health improvement | via @Telegraph…

About 2 days ago

Our soon-to-open #Dundee hort.therapy project for veterans needs gardening tools. Plse get in touch if u would be willing to donate Plse RT

About 2 days ago

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