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April 2015

The winter is past and the horticultural fleece is now off the raised beds, let’s hope there are no more frosts to come! The winter sown broad beans are poking through, the daffodils are out, seedlings are being attacked by the slugs and the garden is coming back to life! Spring is a time of change and new beginnings and that can certainly be said for our gardens and all involved here in London.

The team with the Miracle-Gro delivery

The raised beds have been topped up with our own garden’s and other kindly donated compost from Miracle-Gro and Dalefoot, and conditioned with manure and rock dust and are ready to grow a bumper harvest we hope this year.

We have been very busy sowing vegetable seed for our gardens here in Chelsea and Acton and flower and herb seed for the Union Jack Club, so much so that we are running out of space in the greenhouse!

Astrid, the new horticultural therapist for the new Dundee garden spent the month of March here with us and quickly became a valued member of our team. She has now headed back to Scotland and is sorely missed by everyone at GL London.

Astrid in the Chelsea greenhouse

We have a new volunteer starting with us after Easter which we are all looking forward to and sadly have to say goodbye to our volunteer Sue at the end of this month. Sue has been an integral part of our Thursday sessions over this past year and will be missed greatly. Thanks for all you have done Sue.

Another volunteer here at Chelsea very kindly held a cake sale at her work place with her colleagues and raised us a huge amount of money for Gardening Leave – thank you so much to all involved.

We have a new CPN, Jade, starting with us at the end of April who we are looking forward to having on board and will be a great help carrying out the veterans’ assessments.

Feeding the raised beds

A huge welcome to our new veteran at Chelsea too who started last month, has settled in well and become a solid part of our team here.

Thank you as always to all our supporters, donators, volunteers and of course veterans.


Ed and Zisky




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