Chelsea Newsletter

Chelsea Newsletter

September 2014

The summer has flown by and thankfully seems to continue long into September here in London!

Veteran and volunteers delivering the harvest to the RHC kitchens

Over the past month we have had some wonderful harvests of our vegetables grown in our raised beds including courgettes, lettuce, spinach, chard and cavolo nero. But especially a bumper crop of tomatoes and runner beans, which have now become a staple of our communal lunches and are beginning to fill the freezer as well.

It was great to have Wendy from Gardening Leave in Erskine come down and help us in the London gardens over the summer, thank you for all your help Wendy and according to the veterans you are most welcome to come back whenever you want!

We have continued to hold a small but successful stall on a Thursday outside the Royal Hospital Chelsea’s café selling bags of our own salad, tomatoes, herbs and GL’s own postcards and notelets. When we have been unable to hold the stall on the odd occasion the hospital’s staff have come up to us asking when it will next be on which we hope is a good sign!

We continue to take a harvest of our vegetables and herbs to the Hospital’s kitchens twice a week for them to use for lunch and in return have been invited to a lunch cooked by the kitchen this Thursday as a thank you, which we are all looking forward to.

Wendy from GL’s Erskine site with a 3 in 1 carrot

We have recently had some new veterans attend our weekly session in East Acton and who have helped us sow some radish, winter lettuce, chard, Christmas cropping potatoes and winter cabbage in the raised beds for the coming months.

The garden

This month will also mark the first visit of a veteran accompanying us for our garden maintenance at the Union Jack Club in Waterloo which we hope will be the first of many!

This last month one of our veterans from Chelsea has left us for pastures new in County Durham, we will miss his great sense of humour and cheerful nature and wish him all the very best on his new venture in the countryside.

Sadly we have to say another goodbye to three of our brilliant volunteers, Phil, Aimee and Georgie. We wish them all well on their moves and new jobs and know they will be sorely missed by us all here and hope they will come and visit us in the future.


Ed & Zisky

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