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October 2014

Hyacinths planted up in bowls

Last month was a warm, dry month with very little rainfall and although this meant enjoying almost all of our tea breaks out on the terrace, it was a challenge to keep up with the watering at times.  The satisfying job of harvesting continued, we had two cuts at the grass, and weeding was an ongoing task.  We also started to look forward in the garden by revamping our hanging baskets on the terrace; we took out the summer bedding plants and filled them up with violas, which are already giving us a bloom.  We have planted up some decorative bowls with hyacinths, which we have placed in a cool, dark environment until they start to grow (when we will bring them into the light) with the hope of a splash of colour for Christmas.  The wall planters which were made earlier in the year have also had their summer bedding plants removed and they have been filled with mini daffodils and winter pansies.

We were delighted to welcome Henry and Andrew from ISS to the garden who will be responsible for the construction of our raised

Hugh, Henry and Andrew from ISS working on our new raised beds

beds on the terrace.  These beds will be a great benefit to us, and they are not only building the beds, they are also going to line them, fill them with soil and apply wood preserve to the outside of them! After some joint discussion on the design and work schedule, we set about clearing out the last of our vegetables from the beds in preparation for the building work.  This meant some extra sales at the SRUC poultry shop and to Su Casa for a few weeks.  We also managed to fill the freezer with kale (for a later date), chillies and with the glut of runner beans, we made spicy runner bean chutney.

Veg for Su Casa

We have also been busy in the Stovehouse; we had a growing infestation of greenhouse white fly despite us having placed pots of marigolds throughout.  Therefore, we harvested all the tomatoes from our plants (making green tomato chutney in the process) emptied all our plants from the plant section, weeded and tidied up … and we would like to thank the Balfour brothers for washing down the section with Jeyes fluid.  Now that we have put the plants back into place, we are spraying them every other day with a soapy solution to try to eradicate the last of the little white flies!

There has been much work carried out in the woodwork section this month with orders taken and made up ASAP.  There has been; a log store, garden bench, cardholders, wall planters and bug boxes made.  I think it is safe to say that we have enough orders and work to see us through the winter ….we are truly a victim of our own success.

Log store made by veterans

We would like the thank everyone for their kind donations of fruit this month.  We have received apples, plums, red currants, elderberries, and gooseberries.  Naturally, all put to good use … or into the freezer awaiting their fate!  The kitchen has been dare I say it cluttered with empty jars at various points with; elderberry jelly, plum jam, piri piri sauce (from our own chillies), spicy runner bean chutney, green tomato chutney, dumpsite-dearie jam (plum, pear and apple jam) all being made for selling or trying!  We also enjoyed some of our own fresh fruit from the garden; our only surviving melon of the year along with some raspberries and blueberries and although the portion was small … it was very tasty!

Pamela and Victoria.



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