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September 2015

The winning leeks and onions.

Last month kicked off with our final preparations to the pallet garden for Ayr Flower Show. Thankfully we were able to carry out most of the work at the garden and, on the actual day, we transported the components to Rozelle Park and then a quick re assemble in the floral marquee!  The design this year came from Victoria and it was a replica of a GL garden in miniature.  It showcased the work we do and allowed us to explain the three strands of our work; “plant right eat right,” “wildlife gardening” and “from the garden.”  Needless to say we were delighted when we received first prize and the David T Roy Trophy, which we have given pride of place in our sitting room.  This was not our only success story at the show this year, we won first prize for pot grown leeks and third prize for exhibition onions!  These were the transplants kindly donated from Finchale College back in January via Jimmy (veteran).  After arriving at GL they were nurtured by John (veteran) who after all his TLC was able to harvest and present them for judging at the show.  Over the weekend, staff and volunteers stood at the stall and helped to spread the word about GL as well as selling plants and various garden sundries.  At the end of the weekend, we made around £700 in sales and donations, thank you to everyone who took part.

David T Roy Memorial Trophy

Afterwards back in our own garden (and after a little spending spree at the Ayr Flower Show), we were able to re vamp the old poppy beds with some new plants that will provide us with some colour in late summer; campanula, coreopsis, anthemis and catananche.  This is our second year planting out these small beds and after a beautiful show earlier in the year from biennials; sweet william and sweet rocket, we decided on a more permanent planting from these perennials.

Picking blackcurrants

In the vegetable areas, we have continued with the rewarding job of harvesting and this month we have added courgettes, chard, chillies, Inca berries, yellow radish, and French beans to our list!  As the beds empty, we have transplanted spring cabbages, spring onions, and lettuce with corn salad, swede, and oriental leaves sown direct.

In the kitchen, we have put the fresh vegetables to good use, we have made spinach and mushroom lasagne, ham + vegetable crumble, vegetable curry and chicken pilaf as well as the usual fresh salads.

The donation of home baking continues each month and we were given the opportunity to go and pick blackcurrants from a near by garden (thanks Stevie!) we have put the fruit in the freezer and intend to start making jam again next month!

We ended the month with another event when Alan, Jim, and John represented GL at Forces in the Field, held at Culzean Castle . The day was a great success as they were able to speak with members of the public and promote our honesty campaign.

Pamela and Victoria.

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