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    Veteran tying in peas with our horticultural therapist
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      Volunteering: Fairy godparents of the world unite – you have nothing to lose but boredom


    We tend to the invisible wounds of conflict using gardening therapy. Read about some of the veterans we've helped ow.ly/QRf1h

    About 14 hours ago

    Check out the size of our @FranchiSeedsUK onions - are they bigger than yours? ow.ly/i/cmTSN


    Gardening ‘doesn’t get recognition it should’, says Beechgrove’s Jim buteman.co.uk/what-s-on/gard…


    Last chance to buy tickets for Radio 4 @BBCGQT on Wednesday @ Ayr Town Hall ow.ly/2buSIT Plse RT #gardening

    About 2 days ago

    A summer teasel - tomorrow it will be gone as will summer! ow.ly/i/cmSzD

    About 4 days ago

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