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  • Recruitment

    We are currently recruiting for two roles:

    • Assistant Horticultural Therapist, Gardening Leave Chelsea
    • Clinical Assessor, Gardening Leave Erskine(please scroll further down page for details)

    Assistant Horticultural Therapist, Gardening Leave Chelsea

    We are seeking to recruit an Assistant Horticultural Therapist at our London site, based within the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

    • You must love gardening and be happy to work with veterans with mental health challenges.
    • We are committed to supporting staff development and this role will challenge your learning capacity both in the garden, with horticultural therapy, and in resource and people management.

    Please tell us what abilities you will bring with you and why you have chosen to apply to Gardening Leave. Send your CV and covering letter to admin@gardeningleave.org.

    Salary £22,100             Applications close Thursday 22nd October 2015

    Hours                                      Full time

    Pay                                          £22,100

    Place of work                        London – Royal Hospital Chelsea, (Plus Camberwell Outreach Garden, when required)

    Responsible to                     Site Horticultural Therapist

    Required skills                      

    • A passion for outdoor gardening and communicating gardening skills
    • Horticultural qualification/evidence of horticultural knowledge
    • Experience of working with people with mental health or physical challenges towards mental health change
    • Excellent inter-personal communication, public speaking and presentation skills,
    • IT literate specifically with Microsoft Office and Excel
    • Able to work as part of a team
    • Clean driving licence

    Overall responsibility             At each site the Horticultural Therapist may divide up responsibilities as they so choose, in agreement with the AHT. It is the responsibility of the AHT to carry out such division of labour as agreed and support the HT in the running of the site and the provision of horticultural therapy services to veterans.

    The AHT will work under the guidance of the HT who will delegate and divide up mutually agreed daily responsibilities of horticultural therapy provision for veterans and the general running the site, This will include working directly with the veterans and acting up as requested, to cover holidays.

    List of responsibilities that may be assigned or shared with the HT

    • The management of the site
      • Ensure site cleanliness and order, health and safety
      • Implement and maintain a regular local Health & Safety and Risk Assessment regime
      • Purchase of supplies as listed on approved purchases from Headquarters
      • Make data returns to Headquarters as required
      • Line management of any staff allocated to the site
      • Co-ordinate with Community Psychiatric Nurse attached to the site
      • Maintenance and reporting of income from site activities
      • Management of petty cash
      • Manage, train and recruit volunteers for the site
      • Manage at least one open day a year
      • Production of monthly newsletter and photo stories for Twitter and Facebook as directed
      • Work with the media as directed
      • Maintenance of partnership relations in the local area
    • Deliver and manage aspects of service delivery
      • Day to day management of the horticultural therapy environment, and the provision of therapeutic sessions for veterans at the site.
      • Work in accordance with agreed quality standards, outputs and outcomes
      • Maintain Gardening Leave’s Goal Attainment Scaling Lite system and all therapeutic records and data security
      • Support veterans in the provision of donated produce and produce for sale. The London Sites regularly raise £10,000 (10% of costs) a year in tin donations, events and sales of ‘From the Garden’ produce.
      • Annual planning of indoor and outdoor activities in line with ‘Plant Right, Eat Right’, ‘Wildlife Gardening’ and ‘From the Garden’ strands of horticultural therapy activity
      • Manage attendance at local events for sales and profile raising
      • Undertake ‘Honesty campaign’ activities in the local area.
    • Support the planning of new programmes
    • Other tasks as directed, from time to time, by Headquarters 


    Reporting and personal development

    • At the beginning of the reporting year, the AHT’s year tasks and performance goals will be agreed between them and the HT. There will be intermediate assessment of performance culminating with an agreed supervision report per year as part of a supervision system.

    Professional development

    • The AHT may undertake periods of Continuing Professional Development in therapeutics as directed by the Line Manager and in accordance with Gardening Leave policy.
    • Gardening Leave runs a system of “points of excellence” where horticultural staff might lead on a particular matter in terms of supporting session planning and information availability. Depending on the post holder skill base they may be asked to lead in a particular area.

    Clinical supervision

    • The AHT will receive 12 sessions a year of clinical supervision. All clinical supervision is carried out by a CPN. Additional sessions are available, should they be needed.


    • Participate in the programme of events which sometimes takes place on weekends and evenings. Any weekend work results in time in lieu on a one to one ratio
    • The post holder may be asked to travel to other sites for training and meetings. We hold a twice a year full staff conference for which attendance is mandatory and usually requires 3 days away from base site – winter and summer.


    Clinical Assessor, Gardening Leave Erskine

    We are looking for an experienced clinical assessor to work part time with veterans and staff at our horticultural therapy project within the grounds of Erskine Hospital near Glasgow.

    Please send in your CV with a covering letter to admin@gardeningleave.org by the closing date of 9am Friday 30 October 2015.

    Hours                                      8 hours a week minimum, as required

    Rate                                        £15 per hour   

    Place of work                       Gardening Leave Erskine, Bishopton near Glasgow

    Responsible to                     Senior Clinical Assessor

    Required skills                   Equivalent to a Community Psychiatric Nurse (NHS Band 6 or above),  experience of working with veterans is a benefit

    Overall responsibility       Maintain the referral in, assessment, referral on and exit interview path way. The provision of Clinical Supervision of the HTs and AHTs.


    • Relationship management with referral agencies, including the production and distribution of a referrals guide.
    • Approval of referral & storage of referral forms
    • Initial assessment of veteran for attendance at Gardening Leave. Assessments must take place on Gardening Leave property.  All paperwork must be completed legibly and, if accepted, the CPN should brief the Horticultural Therapist on the new client.
    • Maintenance of up to date information and production of site figures from referral and assessment processes.
    • Maintain medicine lists, per client
    • Clinical supervision of Horticultural Therapist and Assistant Horticultural Therapist
    • To support the Goal Attainment Scaling(GAS) System at the request of the Horticultural Therapist
    • To respond to any specific crisis or need that arises among Gardening Leave clients, with advice to the Horticultural Therapist and, where appropriate, in face to face meetings with clients. This may occasionally require form filling support and advice and appointment making, however this does not include attending any external meetings with the client. To liaise with other members involved in a veteran’s care – e.g GP – this could be to update them on situations or to involve them in crisis management.
    • Development and maintenance of the “referral on” listings per site, and providing advice on the specific individuals’ referral options.
    • Carrying out exit interviews and production of related paper work.
    • Maintenance of data protection systems in relation to their work



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